Enter Your Homebrew In the Festival 

This homebrew festival has a great, new concept... all the brewers bring at least 2 corny kegs of beer, and everyone gets to drink it. Every brewer providing a keg for everyone to sample gets 1 free entry into the festival to eat and drink all you want. In addition, each brewer will get the chance to win the $500 "Peoples Choice" award or one of our many other great prizes. The "Peoples Choice" award will be given to the beer that gets the highest number of votes from Sisters Homebrew Festival attendees. Brewers who want to win are encouraged to bring more than one corny keg since people cannot vote for a beer that ran out before they got to try it. 


1st place peoples choice - $500 

2nd place peoples choice presented by Bend Brew Shop- $200 gift certificate

3rd place peoples choice- Local restaurant gift certificates

Three Creeks Award- (Chosen by Three Creeks Brewing Company) The winner of this prize will get to brew their beer on Three Creeks Commercial System, and Three Creeks will sell that beer on tap at their Sisters brewpub.

(must be an all grain recipe for this award) 

How to enter

-Brewers must register with Sisters Park and Recreation before May 5th by filling out the online registration form below, filling out the mail-in registration form, or by phone at 541-549-2091. 

-Entry is 2 Cornelius Keg's of your homebrew or 5 gallons bottled (a minimum of 2 kegs or 10 gallons of each brew is strongly advised to be competitive for prizes. Plus brewers bringing 2 or more kegs will receive one additional free entry into the Sisters Homebrew Festival). 

-To submit multiple beers or ciders, simply fill out multiple entry forms. 

-Brewers providing at least 1 keg will get free entry into the event to taste other brews, eat great food and listen to live music. 

-Beer or Cider can be entered in the Peoples Choice award, but the winner of the Three Creeks award must be an all grain beer recipe. 

-Brewers must provide equipment to dispense beer. (Co2, Tap, ice bucket to keep keg cool, jockey box etc)

-Brewers must indicate whether they intend to pour their own beer, or if they would like one of our volunteers to pour for them. 

-On the day of the event Kegs will be delivered to the event tent at Creekside City Park by 11:00 AM. 

The Homebrew Festival has been canceled for 2019.